Madeleine Meuwessen

Immortelle - Helicryse

Immortelle immortelle

-people often make a closed impression and move slowly; as a result of their melancholia, they are literally paralysed in their activities. They often lack appetite in spite of being hungry. They require excessive sleep; insomnia may also occur; they experience great fatigue and indefinable physical discomfort. However, these symptoms need not always occur. There may be a feeling of melancholy in milder cases without further symptoms. A feeling, that something is missing , not knowing what, a sense of total inner emptiness. This points to the flower remedy Immortelle, especially when there is real no cause for these complaints.

Periods of profound dejection can also occur, occurring without an identifiable cause or an external trigger.
You have a feeling of depression of unknown cause or you feel gloomy "just like that". Or everything seems pointless and dark as if someone has turned out the lights.
These conditions can occur like a lightning bolt from a clear sky and
accompanied by sadness, dislike, a bad mood for no reason
These feelings can also disappear again just like that.

In medicine, this is called endogenous, i.e. depression coming from within.
Severe form: endogenous depression
Mild form: melancholic phase
Latent form: feeling of homesickness, don't know to what

The flower remedy Immortelle is an excellent remedy if you have these feelings.
It makes the sun shine in your heart again and all the dark clouds will disappear. You can be happy in life again

Immortelle, the name says it all, means eternal, imperishable, immortal to life. What we essentially are.
The flower that never wilts.

This flower remedy can have a relationship with both the colon meridian and the kidney meridian, i.e. with the organs colon and/or kidney.

Physical symptoms may include watery and itchy eyes, excessive sleeping, great fatigue, rash and/or pain left groin, lower half of right testicle and inner right ankle.

Madeleine Meuwessen

*Bloom remedies are no substitute for medication. Please note that in case of doubt you should always consult a doctor.

Use of Blossom Remedies

The most important thing with blossom remedies is the frequency of intake. Blossom remedies are best taken as often as possible in a day with the golden guideline being; 4 to 6 times a day, with 4 drops at a time from the dispensing bottle. To use blossom remedies and a user bottle, here are the simple steps; take a clean and unused 30ml pipette bottle. First, fill the pipette bottle with spring water. After this, add one teaspoon of brandy as a preservative, then add the blossom remedies.

Take the stock bottle or stock bottles of the chosen blossom remedies and put 3 drops of each into the 30ml. pipette bottle. A second golden guideline is; 1 drop from the stock bottle(s) to 10ml of spring water. There is no need to shake the bottle before use as it only contains the vibrations of the plants and has no actual material content.

Then take 4 drops from the user bottle and drip it under the tongue. If you touch the dropper with the tongue, mould may develop in the bottle. Repeat taking the blossom remedies at least 4 to 6 times a day.

Flower remedies are not a substitute for medication and do not replace doctors or medical specialists. Please note that in case of doubt you should always consult a doctor.