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Dear people,

This blog is going to tell the story of the remedy Knotweed.
It will be a very intimate story but for me, this needs to be written.
It also got very long but I couldn't write it shorter.
Also, I have written this blog in "Madeleine-speak" and maybe journalistically incorrect but it is my story.

Always I write about what a remedy does. Now I do so based on my own experience and feel it is time to reveal this story to the outside world.
Yes, it got long but hope it will help those, who are touched by it, a little further.
In any case, it has helped me back a bit on my life path, after all, I am only 75 years old 🙂
The death of my beloved Robbie, who himself chose to end his life on earth, has given me unimaginable shock and trauma.
The struggle to "pick up" life again was an intense process and partly due to the unconditional support of my beloved son and friends (how grateful can you be) and the remedies, I was able to "cope" with life again.
But still, still something kept lingering that I couldn't put my finger on.
This finally made me decide to take the remedy Knotweed myself. And I always warn people who come to my practice about the effects of this remedy. I can never know what soul stirrings are subconsciously going on in people, which is why it often takes a very long time, and in consultation with the patient/client, to decide whether or not this remedy should be used.

I also exchanged views on this with Pierre Capel, and in particular on the effect of Gaba butyric acid.

What exactly is GABA?
Gaba is an abbreviation for Gamma-aminobutyric acid. We find this substance naturally in our brains. Gaba is essential for the regulation of a lot of different activities within our brain. One of the main functions of which is functioning as a neurotransmitter. People with too little GABA can suffer from anxiety disorders.
There is, of course, much more to read about this on the internet.

I've always said that Gaba butyric acid acts as a "lid", ensuring that very traumatic events don't surface and that you can live your life (not always, of course) without facing intense situations, which may have happened. That Gaba pretty much acts as a band-aid.
"Entering into your" process through remedies is, in my view, the deepest form of psychotherapy. To me, and I have been calling this out for 40 years, it means that remedies have an effect on neural networks. How I would love to have research on this. I have been to universities, explored the possibility of somehow conducting research on this. Any "double blind research" I dare. But no, so far, always zero to no avail. There is nothing to be gained from this. There is no patent to be had on this.
What the remedy Knotweed does is take that lid off the well and you may be confronted with emotions that you may not have even known existed and that you have tucked away deep down.
After taking Knotweed for three weeks, the nightmares came and so bad that I decided not to take the remedy anymore because I felt so "abandoned by God and the whole world".
I "quenched" this feeling with 3-Union and then things got better.

But that didn't get me there.
Since Rob had passed away, my voice got worse and worse and, despite all the love I received from my beloved son and my beloved friends, I withdrew more.
And "coincidentally", because I fell ill (laryngitis), I watched the series Unorthodox. And in it, too, I recognised the loneliness experienced by the protagonist.

The insights were now starting to come gradually.
In my book, I have already described that my mother was the only survivor (of the family) of World War II.
She had a big family. Her mother, my grandmother, had seven sisters, married, all children and it was, despite the poverty then, a big family who were always having "short or long" tea together.
Her father, my grandfather, had three brothers, also married and children. My mother had two brothers and a sister. And no one came back.
My parents went into hiding from 1943. My sister was born that year. The three of them survived the war. After the war, their house was gone; other people lived there.
Jewish people, who "came back" from concentration camps or from going into hiding, were not exactly welcomed with open arms in the Netherlands and the Red Cross did nothing but nothing to help these people while in other countries the Red Cross took care of people, who came back from the camps.

My father found a property on Stadionplein in Amsterdam where they could live, thankfully.
Due to hardship, especially in the hunger winter, my father fell ill after the war and contracted diphtheria. Recovery took two years. My mother was pregnant with me immediately after the war. When she went into labour, she weighed 101 pounds. I came into the world with a severe form of rickets and after nine months I contracted whooping cough. It is hard to imagine that my mother had to care for a seriously ill husband, a sick baby and small child of three in a house where there was barely any furniture and hardly any money to eat. There was no time to dwell on her grief, to "cope" with the great loss of her family. There was no spiritual support at all.
They received financial "support" back then, a small amount per month or week (I don't know) on which they could barely make ends meet and were regularly checked by officials, back then, to make sure they didn't have any cream butter in the cupboard because that was wasteful. (This according to my mother).

I was maybe about four/five/six years old. Friends came to my mother's house and I thought they were strange people. I thought they were excessive, I didn't feel comfortable with them. My mother told me later that they had been through terrible things, much worse than she had been through. Their pain was much worse than her pain of missing her family, the traumas they had experienced were even worse than her traumas because they had been in a concentration camp. My mother's friends were all survivors of the "experiment block" and what had happened to them (which I later heard) is too horrific to describe here.
My mother never told me exactly what happened to her and her family but I felt that through everything.

My birthday on 29 March was always surrounded by "something" that I could not give words to. It later turned out that my mother's brother and her father's birthday were also on 29 March. And yes, that date was the "run-up" to May 4 and 5.
Despite all this, I had a safe and loving childhood. My mother worked in theatre Carré in the coffee room at night and, as a result, my father always took me to bed. Every night a story about bunnies and, in those days we only had blankets, he tucked my blankets so tightly under the mattress that it hollowed a little and my bed felt like a safe little boat

I had no cousins, of course, and when my father put my sister and me in the shower, he always kept his pants on. He was very prudish and thought that was the way it should be. But I was curious. One time, while playing in the street, I noticed a little boy urinating against a tree. Well, my curiosity was piqued. Of course, I had never seen a dick before. I found that so exciting. And I started doing the same thing as that little boy and tried to pee against a tree. A woman in the street saw that, ran out and towards me and shouted that it was terrible what I was doing and she would go straight to my mother to tell her. I was horrified, ran home, went inside and yes, there came this woman on high alert at the door and told my mother that I had done something terrible. After she told me, my mother burst out laughing, called me from my room and said: Oh dear, that doesn't matter at all. That is quite normal and she took me in her arms and the lady sailed away, deeply offended.
Yes, how safe I have always felt. As I grew up, with anything, I always felt protected and safe.
I did have, when I was a bit older, the same dream quite often. My parents, sister and I went to a clearing in the forest. There was a hatch in the middle of the lawn. You could lift that hatch up and via a staircase you could go down, close the hatch and that way we were all safe.
So far a small glimpse from my childhood. And would you say that nothing serious happened and I grew up in a loving environment.

Well, after all the nightmares came when taking Knotweed, and I really don't remember what kind of nightmares, and I felt so lonely because of this, the insight came as to why I always put the pain or sorrow of everyone I loved and love first. Even in my practice. My patients/clients' sorrows, traumas, fears, insecurities you name it, I always thought were worse than my ............??????
Did I already "take" that in my mum's belly? She, pregnant with me, always at Central Station to check and inquire if any people had come back from the camps. Is that why I "brought" these emotions with me?
What Knotweed has "given" me is that I now have to/can "put myself first". That I too am important. That has not been the remedy Yarrow or Firethorn (which I have thought at times but I did not feel guilty and yes, I can shield myself well and can say no).
And the part that other people's is always much worse than what happens to me I "gave back" to my mother.

The last remedy, I made, together with Robbie (how is it possible) is the remedy Indian Almond and I just got through "I am". Now I am beginning to understand what this remedy means.

Yes, I MAY BE!

Maybe I will describe my story in a book one day. I don't know yet. But also each time it becomes clearer why I had to make remedies.
Should there be people, who recognise themselves, each in their own way, in my story, I will distribute 10 or 20 remedies to those, who have liked and shared my blog. But not Knotweed, oh no. No, it may be as a result of your story, that I will send you 3-Union or Christmas Plum but we can look at that together.
You can read my blog on Trinity. These I wrote on 7 and 12 August 2016. And a blog on Christmas Plum was written on 6 and 12 March 2016.

Madeleine Meuwessen
*Bloom remedies are no substitute for medication. Please note that in case of doubt you should always consult a doctor.



It has been a deafening silence over the last few months. The last blog I wrote was dated 23 March 2020. In it, I described what fear does to people.
Somehow I did not get around to writing a new blog and the answer to this has become clear to me over the past few months.

Partly because of Hans Moolenburg Sr's book "You can do much more than you think". In this book, he describes Bach remedies, among other things.
I will reproduce some of his quotes here (with permission from the publisher Lemniscaat ISBN 978 90 477 0606 9) for which my thanks!
Such as: "From the outset, Bach's flower essences were a decisive success, but they took a heavy toll on Bach: having to go through all the mental and physical suffering, he was burnt out and died after seven years. But his method did not die with him, and Bach flower therapy even experienced a true renaissance in the second half of the 20th century."

I finally "dared" to recognise how much strength it took me to create a whole new series of remedies. For the last twenty years, I just kept going. It "had to", there was no other way. After making the last remedy Snowdrop, I knew that for the first upcoming years no new remedies will be added. Later, very much later, there will be another one, not now. And yes, without ever being aware of it in the beginning, I had to go through all the emotions.
Now I feel like I am recovering and that does me tremendous good.

Another quote:
"After this Bach Blossom explanation (he writes a little more about it), I do have to get off my chest how much more complicated diagnosis and therapy have become compared to Bach's time, when the great pollution had not yet begun and our immune systems were mainly busy doing something they had been doing for thousands of years: fending off infections. It is striking how much more complicated therapy has become compared to some 40 years ago. Back then, most cases resembled the first five case histories in this chapter (which is why the book is highly recommended) and therapy took a few months. Now, however, I am happy if therapy can be completed after a year because, as mentioned, our children's immune systems take heavy blows and take longer to get in order."

Children are known for their enormous learning ability. Especially young children, compared to adults, are generally stars at learning and remembering new things. But how is this actually possible and why does one child learn a lot easier than another?

Everything has to do with fundamental differences between the young and adult brain. In the first few years after birth, the child brain grows at breakneck speed. First, primary functions such as sensory perception and attachment develop, followed by aspects such as thought and language development.

But back to the Corona era.

I can so imagine emotions arising that you have not had or known before.

Below, I want to give an explanation of why and how these arise. What relationship all these negative feelings have with each other. And that it is not weird now to perceive emotions in yourself that didn't bother you before.

In my previous blog, I had described what this period does to people.
I am not going to cite again here, as is written everywhere, about the anxiety, the depression, the stress and you name it.
You can't open a newspaper or magazine and yes....Corona.
The news...yes Corona.
The pros and cons about vaccination.
The pros and cons about the cabinet. mutation of virus.

I started thinking what I could handle with this.
Because of this, last week I made a combination of Chakra I, Chakra IV and Chakra VII. I made this combination from the mother tincture of all the remedies and, just as I made the combination Protection, put it in a very small bottle to carry with you.

I have already given these combinations to several people and want to send 10 again to those, who are interested in them.

What I want to talk about in this blog is to explain why anxiety, depression, heart disease loneliness and you name it lurks.
Many times I have written that Br. Bach started making remedies.
The one, who extended his work, is my dear colleague Dietmar Krämer.

This will give you an insight into how our bodies work and what emotions do in our system. Negative emotions can cause disturbances in the meridians (read The Emotional DNA by Prof Dr Pierre Capel ISBN 978-94-026-0207-4) and damage the associated organs, such as anxiety the kidneys.

This anxiety which also "includes" depression, hypochondria, inner anger and lethargy, is seen to arise with disrupted the Kidney and Stomach meridians.

Chakra I is the combination of remedies I have already written about in the blog of 23 March last.
Italicised below

Combination 1
Combination of Herb-rose-me-not, Mask flower, Aster, Immortelle, Cucumber herb, Cucumber herb 2, Day cuckoo flower, Star of Bethlehem.

Main issue
Concrete anxiety, fear of illness, feeling of depression of unknown cause, overwork.

Concrete fear relates to everyday things, such as thunderstorms, animals, the dentist, accidents, water, the hospital, injections, flying, aggression from others, pain, the world, driving, death (with the suffering that can accompany it) and employers. But it also includes fear of heights, depths and claustrophobia. You seek safety as compensation, but you translate it on a subconscious level as a feeling of loneliness, which makes you look for audiences to whom you can make your feelings known. Listening to others is not your forte: you tend to take over the conversation at the first opportunity that arises to talk about your own problems. And if possible, you would like a comforting arm around your shoulders in the process. The next problem that arises is that you start to feel dejected or experience an inexplicable melancholy. Then you wonder where this gloominess comes from after all. After all, you have everything your heart desires and there is no saving grace at all for depression. You may even feel that others demand too much of you. Perhaps that is justified, but not necessarily so. The gloom comes mainly because you look up to even the smallest things enormously. It makes you wonder whether you can handle them. During an exam, you run the risk of a total blackout. You feel unable to cope with the fact that society is making more and more demands these days and that reinforces your anxiety. The people to whom combination 1 applies are very sensitive. Think of people who are easily affected by loud noises, unkind comments from others, extreme cold or other strong stimuli. This remedy eventually brings the kidney meridian back into balance.

Combination 2
Combination of Poppy, Water lily, Grace herb, Bali, Cucumber herb, Cucumber herb 2, Day cuckoo flower, Star of Bethlehem.

Main issue
Depression from known cause, lack of confidence, fear of financial problems, resentment, bitterness, anger that continues to smoulder under the surface, anger at humanity, lack of energy, inward struggle
given up, not feeling like anything anymore, feeling overloaded.

If you are a worrier, often worry and tend to cling to the negative quickly, this is the right combination for you. The same applies if you constantly fear that you won't be able to keep your head above water financially. Your
glass is usually half-empty rather than half-full. And your motto is: first see, then believe.
You experience depressive feelings that, in your opinion, arise
by outside situations. If you expect difficulties, that in itself is a negative attitude. You tend to 'rehash' events and are strongly
focused on meaning. These traits make life quite tough, especially if you regularly slip into the victim role, and you do! Then you constantly ask yourself: 'Why does this have to happen to me now?' Anger, bitterness and resentment
may result. Not that you easily ignite in anger, but you frequently make prickly remarks. The cause under this pattern is often too little or no self-confidence. And because life is 'heavy on your stomach', you are a candidate for stomach complaints. This remedy eventually brings the stomach meridian back into balance.

Since Chakra I is again connected to Chakra IV in which there is the feeling of being "at the mercy of others", of having ended up in a situation you can't get out of (of course, you also see this in war situations), in which you have no "power of disposition" ( I don't know if it's an existing word but that's how I experience it) over your own life, sleep disorders, grinding thoughts, enormous fatigue, sadness can arise.
Heart and/or bladder problems may also develop.

Also feeling that everything from what's coming at you takes away your energy.
Chakra IV is an amalgamation of the remedies, which stand for Combination 7 and 3.
Listed below in italics.

Combination 7

Combination of Queen of Shores, Houttuynia Cordata, Fire Thorn, Coral Cactus, Protection, Star of Bethlehem.

Main issue
Not being able to stand injustice, being overenthusiastic, having grinding thoughts and not being able to fall asleep because of this, sadness.

A combination for when you are very enthusiastic, have strong ideals and like to convince others of their importance. If they don't go along with your ideas, you get disappointed. And if you don't achieve your ideals, the disappointment about this becomes
bigger and bigger and harder to cope with. So much so that you can become very angry or depressed. The problem is that you absolutely cannot stand injustice and fight like a lion to make the world a better place. In the process, you have high expectations of yourself. You can become so fanatical that when others thwart your plans, you even become inwardly cramped. Yet you keep arguing to persuade others to share your ideals and fight what you see as injustice. Because that injustice is hard for you to grasp, shocks you and can therefore be too much for you. It also causes intense grief. Then you are no longer able to stop your thoughts and it keeps grinding in your head. There you feed
Constant conversations with yourself that keep repeating themselves. You keep grinding and grinding. Getting to sleep becomes a difficult task, because at night this process seems to intensify. You stay awake for hours and the next morning you wake up dead tired.
This remedy eventually brings the heart meridian back into balance.

Combination 3
Combination of Yarrow, Flutewort, Coral Cactus, Forgiveness, Firethorn,
Day cuckoo flower, Star of Bethlehem.

Main issue
Not being able to say 'no', not being able to set boundaries, being too nice, anger, guilt, sadness.

If you have difficulty saying 'no', are often too amiable, sweet and accommodating, this is the combination for you. If you are very accommodating, it is common to lose energy in front of others. You then notice that you are very tired
becomes. The cause is that you cannot delimit yourself enough. You feel that others are quick to appeal to you and that you always come second. For the sake of sweet peace, you give in and do not stand up for yourself. The underlying reason is fear of losing the love of others.
Because this pattern is established, there comes a time in your life when you get very angry. Even the smallest obstacles can trigger a tantrum. Because others are assertive and take good care of themselves, you may become jealous of them deep down. This feeling can sometimes grow into envy, even though you would hate to admit it. A negative spiral ensues in this way, because these very feelings trigger guilt. You become afraid of losing the people you love. One characteristic is the tendency to constantly say "sorry" and "I'm sorry", even when there is no reason to. Compliments are hard for you to accept and you usually wimp out. After all, you think what you have accomplished is quite normal. In your heart, you even think you could have done much better. If something goes wrong, you mainly blame yourself and if someone else blames you, you are very sensitive to this (out of guilt). You can also blame yourself for all sorts of things, such as not giving your children or partner enough love. A guilty conscience is common. This causes grief and with every new shock, however small, you feel the resulting psychological wound getting bigger and bigger. Each disappointment you experience afterwards becomes harder to cope with. As do shocking news stories, whether you hear them from others around you or they come to you through television. A feeling of sadness soon follows. This remedy eventually brings the bladder meridian back into balance.

This is also where Chakra VII comes in.
Chakra VII is related to the Lung and Thin bowel meridian.
This includes the longing for "the way it was before Corona". When we are all vaccinated....we can go back to "normal".
Among other things, the lung meridian is responsible for the rhythmic ordering of life, i.e. the rhythms of day and night. There is also a disturbance in this during this Corona period because life is not "normal" now. Which in turn can suffer in a disruption of the steering hormone Melatonin. This in turn can cause depression, insomnia and and extreme fatigue.

Chakra VII is an amalgamation of the remedies, which stand for Combination`12 and 8.
In italics again below

Combination 12
Combination of Yellow Mayflower, Motherwort, Turquoise, 3-Union, Day Cuckoo Flower, Herb-rose-me-not, Star of Bethlehem.

Main issue
Unable to let go, fear of the one you love, wanting to keep control, glorifying the past, homesickness, wanting to initiate necessary changes but letting outsiders hold you back.

This combination suits those who fear losing others, are kind and helpful, always thinking of the well-being of others and putting their own needs second. While these may seem like wonderful traits, when it turns out
that the people you are always there for reject or ignore your well-meaning advice, you get very sad. And sometimes also very angry, but you don't like to show it. You struggle when your children leave home, the so-called empty nest syndrome. Even if they still live at home and go on holiday with a friend, you find it difficult. Grief takes over and you like to vent it to those around you. It can even take such forms that life no longer makes sense to you, or at least that's what you would like another person to believe. But it's actually about you not agreeing with the situation and wanting to show that in an indirect way. Also, you seem to be getting all kinds of physical complaints because of this situation, which your environment then has to take into account.... find.

The cause of this state of mind is actually a deep fear of being left alone and that there will be no one you can fall back on. To keep that other person attached to you, you develop a behaviour where you are constantly caring for that person. It seems like your life revolves solely around the happiness and health of your family, friends and acquaintances. You behave excessively anxious towards everyone and cry out that you 'sense' everything. Because fear of others can take over so much, you may retreat into the past to escape it. You start idealising the past and lament how beautiful everything used to be: 'the good old days'. How wonderful it was when the children were small. In short, an exaggerated sense of nostalgia. In addition, this longing can also be accompanied by regretting the things you didn't do in the past. You exclaim that if you had the chance to do something over, you would seize it with both hands. The realisation that you need to change certain things in your life eventually does penetrate, such as finally letting go and letting others go their own way. You also need to have faith that those you love can also take responsibility for their own lives. How to bring this about in yourself, you are not sure. You too are a type sensitive to outside influences, both emotional and physical. This remedy finally brings the lung meridian back into balance.

Combination 8
Combination of Knotweed, Queen of Shores, 3-Union, Turquoise, Butterfly bush, Day cuckoo flower, Star of Bethlehem, Houttuynia Cordata.

Main issue
Hidden worries, overenthusiasm, deep despair, the will to initiate necessary changes but being held back by outsiders.

This combination is suitable for those who do everything just to keep the sweet peace. You want everyone around you to live in harmony. On top of that, you are extremely sensitive and cannot tolerate arguments at all. To keep that
reason, you prefer to avoid conflicts. However, the outside world does not notice these inner processes going on inside you, but sees you mainly as a happy, tidy and carefree person, even if you have many problems. That outside world also includes your partner, parents or children. The moment you are tormented by worries, fears or anxious suspicions, it is often difficult for you to go to bed. You prefer to keep watching television or sitting at your computer to avoid being confronted with your own inner disharmony. However, this disharmony cannot be pushed away, with the possible result that you become distracted
seek in drink, drugs or medication. Not infrequently, this type plays the buffoon in the pub. It remains superficial, because you are not good at making deep contacts. As soon as someone gets too close to you and threatens to glance behind your mask, you give up. Because this disharmony is not easy to live with, you try to change your life and change the world at the same time. You become, as it were, a missionary for whom the desire to convert others can be very compelling. But your behaviour does not stem from a pure intention, it is compensatory behaviour. Nor do you take the opportunity to look at your own inner self. And then when you don't achieve what you have in mind, you collapse, so to speak. You feel abandoned by God and everyone else. You
are desperate and see no way out. This type tends to be overweight, especially around the waist. You have tried all diets, but as soon as you stop, the kilos fly back on. The full moon makes you restless and prevents you from falling asleep
come. And when sleep finally does set in, you can sometimes grit your teeth and not know where it comes from. Tension is also visible in your face during the day: muscle twitches or tics are not uncommon. You are very sensitive to external influences, both emotional and physical. Deep inside, you know you need to change your attitude to life, but how is not clear to you. This remedy eventually brings the small intestine meridian back into balance.

I fully realise that this time it has become a hugely elaborate blog.

I sincerely hope this will help you a little further.

Madeleine Meuwessen
*Bloom remedies are no substitute for medication. Please note that in case of doubt you should always consult a doctor.

In this time of crisis, completely dominated by the Corona virus, I hear that many people experience it as an anxious time where endogenous depression can make itself known as well as the feeling of stress.

Hence my need to briefly explain Combination I, II and Chakra I so that you can cope better with this difficult time.

In Combination I, the remedies are Mask Flower (against concrete fears), Aster (anxiety about yourself), Immortelle (endogenous depression) and Cucumber Spice and Cucumber Spice I (against the stress, which this situation brings), Star of Bethlehem (against the shock and sadness caused), Day Cuckoo Flower (self-confidence) and Herb Don't Stir Me (if you are very sensitive to the situation, which has now arisen).

Stress in particular is now a dangerous trigger.

Stress and mental health symptoms also often interact. This is the case because stress, for example, leads to more anxiety and gloom - which in turn leads to stress.
When stress arises, one part of the brain, the hypothalamus, produces stress hormones. Normally, the hippocampus, another part of the brain, takes care of slowing down these hormones. However, if there are too many of them - in cases of high or prolonged stress - the hippocampus can no longer cope, which also affects another part of the brain: the frontal lobe. This part, in turn, is responsible for slowing down the amygdala or almond nucleus. If the amygdala, the so-called 'fear centre', is no longer inhibited, an unleashing of negative emotions occurs. The production of stress hormones starts again from scratch and so stress continues to circulate in the mind and you end up in a vicious cycle.

Chronic stress can weaken the immune system. A weakened immune system means you are more susceptible to getting sick. This is because your immune system regulates that viruses, bacteria and other 'invaders' are rendered harmless. It also makes sure all sorts of things are repaired and cleaned up in the body and brain. Is there a lot of stress? Then immunity goes down and that, for instance, causes repair and clean-up work to be performed less well in the brain. Hence the remedies Cucumber skin and Cucumber I are vital. These remedies are described in detail in my blogs of 22 and 29 April 2016.

Combination II causes you to look more positively to the future, so that any "bears" you see in your path now no longer have a breeding ground, "how will this all ever work out", and that your energy levels don't go to a low point.
This combination contains the remedies Poppy, Water Lily, Grace herb, Bali, Cucumber herb, Cucumber herb I and, of course, Star of Bethlehem.
I have already described all the remedies in previous blogs and a more detailed description can be found there.

Especially now, in these times, Chakra I is so important.

Chakra I is a combination of Combination I and II.

The first chakra relates to the will to survive and the resulting fundamental needs, which enable and secure our physical existence.
This of course includes eating, drinking, sleeping and also reproduction to sustain the human species.
Linked to it is the desire for security, safety, the desire to have a home, a family, children.

The chakra represents everything to do with steadfastness, stability, security, confidence, determination and perseverance. Both on the physical and psychological plane.
On a physical level, this means that this includes our teeth and bones.
Our bones (spine and skeleton) give our organs stability and support. They also provide protection to important organs such as heart, lungs and brain.

On a physical level, there is a connection between the first chakra and the adrenal glands. The adrenal glands consist of two parts: medulla and cortex.
The adrenal glands (adrenal medulla) produce the hormones adrenaline and noradrenaline.
Adrenal cortex produces a whole range of hormones (one well-known of these is cortisone).

Adrenaline is produced in your body when your body thinks it is in danger. This is not just about issues of life and death. It also applies to situations when you experience a lot of stress. This can be in situations where there is a lot "on your plate", but also when you are very angry, very shocked, when you are scared, or when you are exercising very hard.
This mechanism is a relic from the early days of man and was of great importance in extreme situations where you had to: flee or fight. Being able to react in a split second fulfils an important function.

Adrenaline and noradrenaline trigger the release of sugars, increase heart rate and blood pressure, dilate the respiratory tract, the coronary arteries of the heart and blood vessels in the muscles.

The important function of this, elevated adrenaline levels, is nowadays often not reduced by the extra physical exertion. The result is STRESS.

Many complaints, associated with elevated adrenaline levels, include:
Anxiety disorders, depression, hypersensitive to sounds, light sleep, insomnia, inwardly very tense, extreme fatigue, headaches (some of this has already been described in Combination I).
Stomach upset, fits of rage, total lethargy, strong nervousness ( this described at Combination II).

Madeleine Meuwessen
*Bloom remedies are no substitute for medication. Please note that in case of doubt you should always consult a doctor.



Combination 5
Consists of the blossom remedies: Leadwort, Women's mantle, Hydrangea, Pear, Butterfly bush, Day cuckoo flower and Star of Bethlehem.

Keywords of this combination are:
Strong intuition; being in your own power; clarity of mind; hope
Combination 5 gives you confidence in your own judgement and decision-making abilities.
You "listen" to what is important to you and stand up for your own opinion. This makes it easier for you to make decisions. You no longer allow yourself to be influenced by others, which can have considerable consequences. This could be in your private life or at work. Joy returns, as does the "meaning" of life. Rationally, you know things are within your reach again and you go for it, simply because you trust in them. Even when things are not going smoothly, you have the strength to follow your own path!

Combination 5 has a relationship with the spleen-alvine meridian so with the organs Spleen and Pancreas. A lack of energy in this meridian is always reflected in uncertainty and a weakening of the ability to think, recognise and evaluate, i.e. a disorder in the ability to judge and make decisions.

And since it has been a while since I wrote separately about the remedies of Combination 5, below is another brief explanation of each remedy separately.

Lead people lack confidence in themselves and often let others' opinions be decisive. They may collect a lot of information, have piles of books and newspapers.
Nothing should be thrown away.....after all, you never know if it might be needed again. Others may find you naive or gullible. Always asking can get on others' nerves. You don't trust your own decisions and don't listen to your inner voice. Leadwort convinces you of your own specific qualities and then lets you put them into practice. You really make decisions in and about your life. You can do this quietly now and you "oversee" the decisions you are making or about to make. You decide that now is the time to......, whatever that means for you. You "listen" to what is important to you and you also no longer let others influence you in this.

Lady's mantle
Women's mantle people are very competent and confident (to the outside world). They seem to be born leaders and they will never show prior insecurity and/or weakness
give in. Those around them may find that this makes them dominant, unscrupulous, inflexible and unfeeling. You are proud that you work so hard and can be so strict. You find
That the end justifies the means. After all, you do it for the good of the other person? Women's mantle gives women the strength (from their feminine side) to come from within themselves
realise their ambitions. There is no need to tap into "masculine" energy anymore. There are still sky-high demands on women.
And still many women make sky-high demands on themselves. She has a fantastic career, a very busy social life, a great mother, a "femme fatale" to her husband, nurse to the whole family, a top chef. You name it. The demands on women are sky-high. You see more and more "burnout" among women too.
Women need such "behaviour" to "hold their own" in the world of men. The banking world, the construction world, governments around the world, high-ranking top positions are generally "manned" (another nice word) by men. But now, if men-men could share more, engage more in consultation, rely more on their intuition and listen more to their feelings, they too could be in balance with themselves. This is why Women's Mantle is such a good remedy for men too.
So that men and women, together and in full respect to each other, can face life.

Hydrangea people are constantly searching. They are not satisfied with their existence. They feel that their lives are passing them by. You feel a great inner emptiness. You can
Feel like your head is one tangle of spaghetti. You may be tempted to engage in extreme activities such as going on extravagant trips, preferring to buy very expensive cars, immediately taking the
buy latest fashion ( and if you can't choose and you can afford it, you buy everything you like or love and forget about the purchase a little later). You find it
life meaningless. Or simply put: you are in the well-known Burnout! Hydrangea is made up of all sorts of small flowers, which form one whole. So is the state of mind associated with it. If there are lots of confusing situations in your life, whatever, the Hydrangea connects this into a whole. This remedy better connects the left and right hemispheres. As a result you are able to place things in your own way and in such a way that things become clearer and clearer.
become. You feel the space around you expand. If you struggle with reading or maths, Hydrangea "connects" the left and right hemispheres. You can more easily and
more concentrated studying.

Peer people have had a lot of difficulties in life and rationally think in advance that nothing will help anyway. You feel totally desperate in a hopeless situation
and you already resign yourself to your fate. Even if, by whatever means, there is a slight improvement, you expect that it will again not be long-lasting. Peer makes sure
you no longer automatically think: that will also go wrong again. It gives you the inner strength in yourself and lets your confidence return. It gives you back the sparkling
feeling, deep inside, back. Knowing, from your reasoning, that things will be fine now. If you have encountered difficulties many times in your life and you find yourself at the next obstacle
even before you think: this will probably go wrong again, Peer helps you to get the job done. Peer gives you the inner strength and restores your confidence. If you are before
yourself claim you can do it, then you can. You can embrace life again with full confidence because it "gives back" your inner, true trust in life.
Peer: doesn't bother anymore (client's quote).

Butterfly bush
Butterfly bush people are often with their thoughts in the future. They think about what all they want to do in the future. How they want to fill their lives. The present comes their
not that interesting to them. As a result, they are all too happy to put off unpleasant chores. They easily forget where they left their keys or turn off the gas
to do. Often arrive late to appointments. Butterfly bush gives insight from above like a butterfly. This remedy enables you to develop a helicopter view so that you can
events from above and you can see the bigger picture of an event. You no longer fall into repetition. You are able to draw lessons from your own

Day cuckoo flower
Day cuckoo people suffer from a lack of self-confidence. And they suffer from fear of failure You hardly dare to address others. Exam anxiety often torments you weeks before the actual exam. You consider yourself incapable of many things and often have a strong feeling of inferiority. Day cuckoo flower strengthens your self-awareness. It brings about the process that enables you to show yourself, that you are allowed to be there. It strengthens your self-confidence. You can unfold your own personality. You stand with both feet on the ground. "I am coming forward to be there".

Star of Bethlehem
Star of Bethlehem people have suffered injuries in life. A psychic shock can disrupt the entire energetic nervous system. They suffer from grinding thoughts, however, only about unpleasant, painful situations. You feel grief at disappointments or after an accident or the loss of a loved one. The consequences of a pregnancy or a childhood trauma or shock can still have major repercussions today. And with every injury, the wound is further opened up.
This is the reason Star of Bethlehem has been added to every combination. Experiences: A nurse, after being pregnant for eight months, loses her baby daughter. After taking the remedy, it turns out (she felt she had given a place to this loss from years ago), that she had dreamt at night of her baby and also of the first child who had died in hospital during her shift. In the morning, she woke up with a feeling of: how could I have dreamt about this, it was so long ago. It turns out that it is now really out of her system and really "done" with it. She underwent this with joy. The old blockage was gone. The remedy really helps dissolve these blockages of old wounds. And gives joy. An old blockage that every person has is the trauma of birth. Tip: With every birth, I recommend putting 6 drops of Star of Bethlehem in the baby's bath water or the bottle in the cot to "neutralise" the birth shock.

Madeleine Meuwessen
*Bloom remedies are no substitute for medication. Please note that in case of doubt you should always consult a doctor.

14 December 2017 our son Jordi was born, at first everything seemed to be going well. But about three hours after his birth, the nurses noticed that he was very restless and moaning breaths. The saturation did not appear to be good and Jordi was transferred to the neonatology department. For us, the kick-off to a rollercoaster full of emotion and uncertainty.

After several failed tests (6 times an epidural), the diagnosis of Meningitis came. After a course of antibiotics and 3 exciting weeks, our son was finally allowed to go home.

After about 3 months, Jordi was given an MRI of his brain. That meant next setback, our son had a slight lesion in the motor part of his brain as a result of a brain infarct.

Because the image Jordi showed did not match the brain damage, the neurologist ordered additional tests. During which, by chance, problems with kidneys (horseshoe kidney) and spots on his liver were discovered. However, the neurologist remained under the impression that there might be more to it, and so we were referred for clinical genetic testing.
To make a very long story short, our whole life revolved around hospital (over 120 visits in the 1st year) weekly physiotherapy and occupational therapy and caring for and around Jordi.

Jordi was very restless from birth, always having his arms in overstretching. Normal daily care like feeding, bathing, changing, dressing and undressing was very difficult because he quickly went into a form of panic. In the process, he would overstretch like a banana, cry terribly and it was very difficult to calm him down then. Visits to the hospital, strange noises, visitors, etc. all caused Jordi tremendous agitation. This agitation led us into a kind of vicious circle in which he no longer wanted to eat or sleep, resulting in new panic attacks.

Around his first birthday, Jordi's problems increased. It was clear that he had a huge motor deficiency. For example, sitting was very difficult, grabbing something himself and putting it in his mouth were all impossible.
Jordi was extremely busy, and because he uses a lot of energy in the process, he struggled to maintain his weight. Meanwhile, he did get stronger and stronger, and where at first it was just crying, he also increasingly resisted physically during normal daily care. Changing a nappy was almost impossible and dressing and undressing usually degenerated into a vulgar 'fight'. After (re)examinations and tests in the hospital, it became clear why: Sensory Information Processing Disorder; extremely overexcited for sounds, touch and balance, among other things.

Through good friends, we got in touch with Madeleine Meuwessen and Star Remedies Blossom Therapy on 3 June 2019, to be honest, I was pretty much done with it at the time. We had been battling for ages with the municipality of Haarlemmermeer for help via a PGB, (8 months after the 1st application, we are still not a step further). And for me, this was yet another well-meaning advice. However, we were nearing despair by now, so what have you got to lose.

The first conversation with Madeleine was very positive, during which I also honestly stated that I was extremely sceptical. Madeleine didn't think this was a problem at all, you are here for your son and I am sure I can help him. After a conversation lasting over an hour, Madeleine gave me drops to add to Jordi's food and drops for the bath. The result was unimaginable, the drops in the bath did not always work, which was too much for Jordi. But after a few days, Jordi became noticeably calmer. We could change a nappy reasonably normally and the panic attacks were much less. Of course, not everything was solved, but for us Jordi was a completely different and much more importantly, happier little man.

Despite the clear result, however, I remained sceptical, maybe I just didn't want to believe it. Jordi had had ups and downs before but they were always followed by setbacks.
After the 2nd visit a month later, I was completely won over. I told Madeleine that Jordi often woke up in a panic. And she wanted to try some with new drops, but told Madeleine added, there was a chance this would be too early for Jordi and then I had to call immediately. It was indeed too early, he became unimaginably angry at everything and was completely unruly again. After contacting Madeleine, we went back to the previous drops. After a few days, the anger had disappeared and Jordi was completely the "old" again from the month before.

Last month came the results of clinical genetic testing; PTCHD1 syndrome. So rare it doesn't even have a name, with increased risk of autism, intellectual disability, ADHD, motor problems etc. Not a pleasant result but nonetheless a relief for us. All the problems of the past few months fell into place, and that strangely enough makes it all much easier to deal with.

Jordi is now 20 months old and because he is much calmer thanks to Madeleine and the Star Remedies Flower Therapy, he is also developing much better in other areas. Motor-wise he is making great strides, and where at first it was questionable whether he would ever be able to crawl let alone walk, he is now walking along the sofa. He is starting to babble a bit and it is super to hear Daddy and Mummy and Grandpa every now and then. Of course, some of this includes normal development, but we are 100% convinced that this is largely due to Madeleine's drops. This is reinforced by the opinions of others, my friend is active on social media and a member of several (parents') groups of children with disabilities. There, too, there is a lot of talk about Star Remedies Blossom therapy and the positive results.

Despite all the problems, we enjoy our son every day, he is and remains the sweetest and cutest little guy in the world. We do not know what the future holds for Jordi and that remains a big question mark for the time being. There has only been one study worldwide on PTCHD1 syndrome, and the differences in the development of these (15) children is huge. But what we do know is that with Madeleine's help, together with Jordi, we are facing the future with much more confidence


Chakra II

The last two blogs I wrote about Combination III and Combination IV.
Combination III is related to the Bladder meridian and Combination IV to the Triple Heater meridian.
(According to traditional Chinese acupuncture theory, this is a purely fine-material organ composed of three domains, for which there is no counterpart at the gross-material level.Its location is indicated in the stomach, from where it exerts influence on the entire body).

These two Combinations together belong to Chakra II.
Chakra II Consists of the blossom remedies: Yarrow, Cowslips, Coral Cactus, Forgiveness, Firethorn, Day Cuckoo Flower, Star of Bethlehem, Love and Hope, Cowslips, Yarrow, Christmas Plum, Herb Don't Stir Me, Waterlily, Pink Yarrow

This chakra is the centre of unfiltered emotions, sexual energies and creative forces.
From this chakra emanate the desire for sensual experiences and the perception of physical pleasures. Such as the need for tenderness, touch and sexual feelings.
It is the emotional side of sexuality and the exchange of feelings. In other words: REAL LOVE!

When this chakra is balanced, you have healthy self-esteem and self-awareness.

Chakra II has the element of Water in it and also that of Fire.

On a physical level, the entire urogenital area, i.e. the bladder and genitals, belongs to the 2nd Chakra.
The task of the Triple-heater is to take care of the entire hydration of the body. It consists of three components namely respiration, digestion and urogenital functions.

Besides producing oocytes/spermatozoids, gonads also form specific hormones for their development and maintenance and influence sexual activity.

In women, they regulate the menstrual cycle and influence pregnancy via hormones.
In men, they regulate the prostate.

The inability to let go can manifest on a physical level in bladder disorders of all kinds, such as cystitis. This also includes insomnia ( from anger) or sleeplessness (from guilt), nervousness, irritability, lack of energy, pain or feeling of tightness in the chest, impotence, depression, nightmares, restlessness, panic fear, hyperventilation, dull headaches from the neck.

As I am writing like this, I note that there is much more to say about this chakra. But hope to have already provided you with some more information.

Madeleine Meuwessen
*Bloom remedies are no substitute for medication. Please note that in case of doubt you should always consult a doctor.

Combination 4
Consists of the blossom remedies: Love and Hope, Flutewort, Yarrow, Christmas Plum, Herb Don't Stir Me, Water Lily, Star of Bethlehem.
Keywords of this combination are:
Physical relaxation; comfort; panic; dealing with worry and despair
Combination 4 makes the compulsions, fear of losing self-control, panic, feelings of flight, nightmares and pain of old pain, old traumas and (old) grief disappear.
You dare to show more of yourself. You no longer grit your teeth, bite your nails, fidget or hyperventilate. You can sleep better.

Love and hope
Love and Hope people have chronic panic. Chronic panic does not always show itself as panic, more as escape behaviour: If you are startled by e.g. a mouse suddenly in front of
you out and that this makes you run, then it could be related to chronic panic. Or that you have to go to a reception because that's what's important and you'd rather run hard.
So how does this state of mind arise? It can be related to a life-threatening birth because the umbilical cord is wrapped around the baby's head, a caesarean section, a forceps delivery or an imminent drowning and to war situations; so in many situations where your life was at stake. Also if someone has been a victim of violence, in any form, and you can think of a parent who just hit it out. With events in the present, such a mouse or a reception or other "simple" things "trigger" this always latent panic. As told, flight behaviour can occur or you become paralysed with terror, the feeling of your heart stopping beating or a sense of helplessness overwhelming you. Through Love and Hope, flight behaviour turns into courage. You are able to stand up for others in emergency situations. You have great presence of mind.

Very often fear is put under the same "heading" as panic.
As noted below:
We speak of a panic attack when a person is overcome by a great, intense fear at unexpected moments. A person then has the feeling of losing control of themselves. The idea of fainting, dying or going crazy is overwhelming. In addition to these thoughts, during such a panic moment there are also all kinds of physical symptoms that intensify the fear. For instance, a person may experience hyperventilation, palpitations, trembling and/or sweating. A panic attack can occur anywhere, without immediate cause. In the Netherlands, 4% of people have ever had a panic attack. But a panic disorder is only present when the fear of panic attacks starts to dominate one's life. In many people, panic disorder is accompanied by fear of the streets (agoraphobia).
In my option, agoraphobia has nothing but nothing to do with panic. With that, I think more of the remedy Maskerflower.

Fluteswort puts you two feet on the ground, makes you feel very big and gives you a good sense of self-worth, connectedness with the rest of the world. It makes you aware of yourself, you learn to consider and accept. It is a "meditation herb" and it makes you feel complete, "easy-going", sunny - light, tension disappears, feet become "fuller". It helps release blocked emotions.

Knotweed people have repressed their emotions and go through life seemingly carefree and cheerful, keep the mood up and like to joke around. In the pub or at a party, they are usually the gangsters. To outsiders, these people seem not to suffer from anything. This is because of repressed emotions and a seemingly carefree life. Profound things are not talked about. Much remains superficial. If you ask them how they are doing, they will always reply with : "Good!"
These people can tend to be overweight, especially around the waist and no matter what you do, it just won't go away. Even though you have followed so many diets, as soon as you stop, the kilos fly back on. Knotweed brings up the repressed emotions and disentangles one or more of the many knots (blockages) you still have and makes these emotions visible.

Christmas plum
Christmas plum people have a lot of inner turmoil, feeling like they are sitting on a powder keg or could explode at any moment. They are afraid of losing their self-control and thereby harming another person or themselves. This often manifests itself in the form of hyperventilation, teeth grinding or nail biting or constant fidgeting. Christmas plum makes the compulsive disappear, you no longer have to bite your nails or grind your teeth and allows you to breathe deeper and better. The fear of losing all self-control that can drive you to the brink of despair disappears. You no longer have to fear that dark, negative and destructive forces are at work. Kerspruim ensures that you are shielded to such an extent that these do not have a hold on you. Plum also protects you from unnamable influences from people. Influences that make you feel bad and are difficult to put into words.
Kerspruim's detailed description can be found at the blogs of 06-03-2016 and 12-03-2016

Spice don't stir me
Herb don't stir me gives you protection and support. This remedy gives you strength from within, also lets you get to your own power and gives you the courage and energy and you are able to go your own way if you are very sensitive. You stand consciously in life and with both feet on the ground.
You can find the detailed description of Herb don't stir me at the 23-12-2016 and 30-12-2016 blogs.

Water lily
Water lily causes you to come out of the depths, darkness and find the light again. Gives hope from the universe for now and the future. Everything will turn for the better.
I described Waterlily in the booklet "Mindfulness by Nature", Balm for the Soul,in this way.
What I have noticed in recent years is that Water Lily enhances the Day Cuckoo Flower remedy even more. That means your self-confidence gets another huge "extra boost" as a result.

Star of Bethlehem
The remedy Star of Bethlehem is in every combination.
Star of Bethlehem people have suffered injuries in life. A psychic shock can disrupt the entire energetic nervous system. They suffer from grinding
thoughts, however, only about unpleasant, painful situations. You feel sadness at disappointments or after an accident or the loss of a loved one. The effects of pregnancy
or a childhood trauma or shock can still have major consequences today. And with every injury/hurt, the wound is ripped open further.
This is the reason Star of Bethlehem has been added to every combination.
A nurse, after being pregnant for 8 ? months, loses her baby daughter. After taking the remedy, it turns out (she felt she had suffered this loss from years ago
a place), that she had dreamt of her baby at night and also of the first child who had died in hospital during her shift. In the morning, she was
woke up feeling like: how could I have dreamt about this, it has been so long ago. It turns out that it is now really out of her system and it is now really resolved.
This she underwent with joy. The old blockage was gone.
The remedy really helps dissolve these blockages of old wounds. And gives joy. An old blockage that every person has is the trauma of birth. Tip: With every birth, I recommend putting 6 drops of Star of Bethlehem in the baby's bath water or the bottle in the cot (be careful not to let your baby reach it) to "neutralise" the birth shock.
Further information on Star of Bethlehem can be found at the blog of 02-03-2016.

Combination 4 is related to the triple-heater meridian.
According to traditional Chinese acupuncture theory, this is a purely fine-material organ consisting of three domains, for which no counterpart can be found at the gross-material level.

The next blog will be about Chakra 2, what it does and what symptoms belong to it.

Madeleine Meuwessen
*Bloom remedies are no substitute for medication. Please note that in case of doubt you should always consult a doctor.

Combination 3
Consists of the blossom remedies: yarrow, Fluteswort, Coral cactus,
Forgiveness, Firethorn, Day cuckoo, Star of Bethlehem with as
very latest addition Pink Yarrow.

Keywords of this combination are:
Delineating yourself better; comfort; love for yourself; less anger
Combination 3 protects you from outside influences. You are able to follow your own path, the fear of losing the love of others disappears.
You are able to live your own life so anger and guilt no longer exist. You love yourself as you are.
The pain of old hurt, old traumas and (old) grief disappears.

Yarrow people are sweet, accommodating, amiable and often courteous. It is hard for them to say "no". Basically, you are looking for recognition and want to be loved. This is often at the expense of your own needs and desires. You also notice a loss of energy in front of others and can get very tired of others.
As a result, you may find that you get angry "just like that". It can seem strange that you can get so angry at something very small, seemingly unrelated to the actual situation. I always explain it as follows: I put a pen somewhere, and you get furious because of that. That's almost impossible to explain. It's like this... you've let go of your boundaries so many times that a very small, unrelated event can set you off in anger.
The remedy protects you from external negative influences. You are no longer "drained" by others. You are able to follow your own path and no longer fear losing the love of others because you can say no.
It helps to live an independent life in the true sense of the word.
Yarrow is made with the spring water of Lourdes.

Fluteswort puts you two feet on the ground, makes you feel very tall and gives you a good sense of self-worth, connectedness with the rest of the world, aware of oneself,
contemplate, accept, "meditation herb", complete, "easy-going", sunny - light, tension disappears, feet become "fuller". Release of blocked emotions.

Coral cactus
Coral cactus is the fifth auric remedy. This remedy makes you feel that nothing can "bother you right now". You feel enveloped in a kind of blanket, safe yet with both feet on the ground while feeling light and airy.
Coral cactus gives: "Now is your time completely. Time for yourself. You sit down with a cup of tea and a bonbon...and nothing can disturb you." That is the association with this remedy. The remedy makes you feel protected. Moreover, this remedy makes the aura roll out like a blanket and envelop you completely. You stand with both feet on the ground and at the same time you feel light and airy.
You have both feet on the ground and at the same time you feel light and airy.

Forgiveness people are angry. They can also suffer a lot of jealousy, envy, anger. This can arise "just like that". They have easily uncontrollable tantrums.
You are jealous of other people, who have more or are prettier. You are easily offended.
You are very suspicious and may think something is going on behind your back. Your partner is cheating on you, your children are lying or your girlfriend/boyfriend is not taking you seriously.
Forgiveness, which again is a combination of Mask Flower and Grace Herb. And this combination again does its "own" work, different from the remedies on their own. You live more in harmony and you discover love within yourself, which then radiates to others. You can truly rejoice in the successes and achievements of others.
The combination of Mask flower and Grace herb brings up old sorrows. You may have to cry a lot, but this crying dissolves a lot of old grief.

Firethorn gives compassion towards others but also towards yourself. Accepting yourself as you are. You are good the way you are. You love yourself the way you are. You allow yourself to enjoy the good things in life. You don't have to have a bad conscience about this.
You no longer have to apologise for yourself to others.
You feel connected to each other. Going for a higher goal together, clearing (sometimes seemingly invisible) obstacles by themselves.
Knowing that you are working together with your like-minded people for the same goal. Firethorn has to do with compassion, with compassion for all that lives on this earth. But also compassion for everything within yourself.
That you accept that you are as you are in essence and that you can deal with that lovingly for yourself.
A remedy that is also very important in this day and age given the way the world is treated and the way people treat themselves. Be your own leader!

Day cuckoo flower
Day cuckoo people suffer from a lack of self-confidence. And they suffer from fear of failure.
You hardly dare speak to others. Exam anxiety often torments you weeks before the actual exam. You feel incapable of many things and often have a strong feeling of inferiority. Day cuckoo flower strengthens your self-awareness. It brings about the process that enables you to show yourself, that you are allowed to be there. It strengthens your self-confidence. You can unfold your own personality. You stand with both feet on the ground. "I come out ahead that I am there".

Star of Bethlehem
Star of Bethlehem people have suffered injuries in life. A psychic shock can disrupt the entire energetic nervous system. They suffer from grinding thoughts, however, only from unpleasant, painful situations.
You feel grief when you are disappointed or after an accident or the loss of a loved one. The consequences of a pregnancy or a childhood trauma or shock can still have major repercussions today. And with every injury/hurt, the wound is ripped open further. This is why Star of Bethlehem is added to every combination.
Experiences: A nurse, after being pregnant for 8 ½ months, loses her baby daughter. After taking the remedy, it turns out (she felt she had given a place to this loss from years ago), that she had dreamt at night of her baby and also of the first child who had died in hospital during her shift.
In the morning, she woke up with a feeling of: how could I have dreamt about this, it has been so long ago. It turns out that it is now really out of her system and really "done" with it. She underwent this with joy. The old blockage was gone.
The remedy really helps dissolve these blockages of old wounds. And gives joy.
An old block that every human being has is the trauma of birth.
Tip: With every birth, I recommend putting 6 drops of Star of Bethlehem in the baby's bath water or the bottle in the cot to "neutralise" the birth shock.

Pink Yarrow
Rose Yarrow gives protection for emotions of people very close to you, e.g. family members. This protection comes from within and therefore you can let the painful things/strong emotional influences slide past you. Gives comfort to grief of letting go.
You feel it close around you...then it goes to the inner deepest core of the aura (as it were against your body) and then pushes the outer aura layer further out, making the inner one bigger and stronger. You also get more air so that abdominal breathing can get going better! You literally feel the energy from the bottom of your feet rooting into the earth, allowing better drainage of negative energy. It gives an enlightening bird's eye view of your situation. This allows you to release fear. You become the conductor of your own life which is very enlightening. You become quieter inside and stay better with yourself. Ultimately, the 1st,2nd,3rd,4th 3n 5th chakras become more balanced, increasing stability.

Combination 3 has a relationship with the bladder meridian so with the
organ Bladder. The inability to let go can manifest itself physically in bladder disorders of all kinds. This also includes insomnia ( from anger) or insomnia (from guilt), nervousness, irritability, among others.

Madeleine Meuwessen
*Bloom remedies are no substitute for medication. Please note that in case of doubt you should always consult a doctor.

Use of Blossom Remedies

The most important thing with blossom remedies is the frequency of intake. Blossom remedies are best taken as often as possible in a day with the golden guideline being; 4 to 6 times a day, with 4 drops at a time from the dispensing bottle. To use blossom remedies and a user bottle, here are the simple steps; take a clean and unused 30ml pipette bottle. First, fill the pipette bottle with spring water. After this, add one teaspoon of brandy as a preservative, then add the blossom remedies.

Take the stock bottle or stock bottles of the chosen blossom remedies and put 3 drops of each into the 30ml. pipette bottle. A second golden guideline is; 1 drop from the stock bottle(s) to 10ml of spring water. There is no need to shake the bottle before use as it only contains the vibrations of the plants and has no actual material content.

Then take 4 drops from the user bottle and drip it under the tongue. If you touch the dropper with the tongue, mould may develop in the bottle. Repeat taking the blossom remedies at least 4 to 6 times a day.

Flower remedies are not a substitute for medication and do not replace doctors or medical specialists. Please note that in case of doubt you should always consult a doctor.