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Butterfly bush - Buddleja davidii

Butterfly bush - Buddleja davidii

People and especially adolescents, because of their inattentive nature, much in life escapes them (because they find everything trivial). They don't learn from life's lessons, which is why they keep making mistakes, like forgetting keys, leaving the gas on.
They are hot for many new things, but have little interest in everyday things.
They make great plans, are simultaneously already working on the next step, while they haven't even started the first one.
As a result, they are unfocused and careless, often starting many things at once without even finishing anything.
They have piles of newspapers waiting to be read, record all kinds of movies on video, but have never taken the time to see a film.

As a Butterfly bush person, you are often busy with unimportant things so that the actual work is left lying around. In practice, this often causes you to put off your work until the last minute.
If someone comments on you, you are quick to give as an argument: that you also have so much work.
You are constantly on the run from uninteresting, boring things, often also from yourself. You feel like you are inwardly propelled by a rocket, because your head is full of ideas and you are always busy with future plans, you constantly feel inwardly often rushed.
You may not remember what you wanted to say, your thoughts are "suddenly gone".
You can be extremely forgetful when it comes to something seemingly unimportant.

And so it happens that self-induced excess of stimuli leads to concentration disorders, poor memory and inability to meet the demands of everyday life.
As a result, you become indifferent and show little interest in the present. It seems like everything just grinds in your head and it does, at the same time you don't want to get rid of all those thoughts. Grinding can cause sleep problems.

The flower remedy Butterfly bush gives you insight from above and enables you to develop a helicopter view so that events can be perceived and analysed from above. You manage to see the bigger picture of an event.

This blossom remedy is related to the circulatory sex meridian.

Physical symptoms may include the following: itching and/or pain on the right thigh or calf, extreme physical exhaustion, painful muscle cramps at the base of the neck, pain cramps in the back muscles.

Madeleine Meuwessen

*Bloom remedies are no substitute for medication. Please note that in case of doubt you should always consult a doctor.

Use of Blossom Remedies

The most important thing with blossom remedies is the frequency of intake. Blossom remedies are best taken as often as possible in a day with the golden guideline being; 4 to 6 times a day, with 4 drops at a time from the dispensing bottle. To use blossom remedies and a user bottle, here are the simple steps; take a clean and unused 30ml pipette bottle. First, fill the pipette bottle with spring water. After this, add one teaspoon of brandy as a preservative, then add the blossom remedies.

Take the stock bottle or stock bottles of the chosen blossom remedies and put 3 drops of each into the 30ml. pipette bottle. A second golden guideline is; 1 drop from the stock bottle(s) to 10ml of spring water. There is no need to shake the bottle before use as it only contains the vibrations of the plants and has no actual material content.

Then take 4 drops from the user bottle and drip it under the tongue. If you touch the dropper with the tongue, mould may develop in the bottle. Repeat taking the blossom remedies at least 4 to 6 times a day.

Flower remedies are not a substitute for medication and do not replace doctors or medical specialists. Please note that in case of doubt you should always consult a doctor.