Madeleine Meuwessen


Hosta - Hosta Montana Macrophyllahosta

-people suffer from many fears, fear of the dark, fear of ghosts, fear of the unknown, fear of anxiety, fear of the future. They often suffer from premonitions that some disaster is going to happen. It is the feeling that there is something that scares you. You don't know what, but the feeling can give you goosebumps. You can be fascinated by occult things and simultaneously fear them. You can have a fear of death. It is not the suffering before death that scares you, but what will come after
death. You may be startled awake at night by nightmares or anxious dreams. Once awake, you are afraid to go back to sleep. In short, vague, unnameable, often unrealistic fears.

These people get support from commuting, carding for the future and other variations. Nothing wrong with that in itself, but you can't prevent accidents or disasters with it!

A consequence can also be that you stay where you are because you don't dare to undertake new things.

The blossom remedy Hosta is particularly suitable for hypersensitive and anxious children. These are often unable to state quite clearly what they are afraid of.
They have vague fears and uneasy feelings. Sometimes they fear there is a monster under the bed. They only want to go to sleep with a light on, preferably with the light in the corridor on too...,
And when they have to go to the toilet at night, they have fears that there are strange ghosts/ghosts.
It seems as if these little kids were born with "too thin a skin". They pick up things from the astral world that are actually there.

Many kinds of film or TV programmes are not good for these people/children. It only fuels their fears. Even "innocent" cartoons can be too much for the children.

The blossom remedy Hosta ensures you can handle an oversized sensitivity. You feel safe and calm. This makes you happier living in the here and now and gives a sense of space and simultaneously a sense of protection.

This flower remedy has a relationship with the liver and colon meridian, i.e. with the organs Liver and Large intestine.

Physically, it may manifest itself by pimples on the chin and upper right back, dizziness, an internal 'cold feeling'.

Madeleine Meuwessen

*Bloom remedies are no substitute for medication. Please note that in case of doubt you should always consult a doctor.

Use of Blossom Remedies

The most important thing with blossom remedies is the frequency of intake. Blossom remedies are best taken as often as possible in a day with the golden guideline being; 4 to 6 times a day, with 4 drops at a time from the dispensing bottle. To use blossom remedies and a user bottle, here are the simple steps; take a clean and unused 30ml pipette bottle. First, fill the pipette bottle with spring water. After this, add one teaspoon of brandy as a preservative, then add the blossom remedies.

Take the stock bottle or stock bottles of the chosen blossom remedies and put 3 drops of each into the 30ml. pipette bottle. A second golden guideline is; 1 drop from the stock bottle(s) to 10ml of spring water. There is no need to shake the bottle before use as it only contains the vibrations of the plants and has no actual material content.

Then take 4 drops from the user bottle and drip it under the tongue. If you touch the dropper with the tongue, mould may develop in the bottle. Repeat taking the blossom remedies at least 4 to 6 times a day.

Flower remedies are not a substitute for medication and do not replace doctors or medical specialists. Please note that in case of doubt you should always consult a doctor.