Madeleine Meuwessen

Bali - Canavalia Rosea

Bali - Canavalia Rosea

The flower is called Canavalia Rosea and during the time I made this remedy, I did not find a Dutch name for the plant anywhere and simply called this beautiful little plant Bali.

Bali people are not always so easy to spot.

In this state of mind, they inwardly gave up the fight.
They feel unhappy and completely let themselves go without doing anything to change their condition.

Because they can no longer imagine that anything will ever change about their situation, they settle without complaining; they are apathetic, no longer participate, no longer show any interest in their surroundings. Much leaves them indifferent, as they assume that everything is pointless anyway.
They assume that their calamity was pre-ordained by fate, that their illness was hereditary or absolutely incurable, who knows caused by karma.
This often plays a latent (meaning states of mind overcome, but the physical symptoms {fatigue} still exists even after years) role and can unconsciously still play a part in everything you do
It is very important to know whether the person has been despondent once in life.

Concentrating is hard!
Even the slightest mental exertion e.g. reading can cause dizziness, headaches and weaknesses
They also often lack any stimulus and often speak in soundless tones
Getting out of bed is difficult, preferring to sleep all day, having no appetite for food, losing interest in things and feeling severely depressed.
Any physical exertion is also impossible, as every attempt to do so provokes another attack of weakness.
Although they constantly crave rest, no improvement in their condition occurs as a result of sleep, on the contrary , sleep often seems to exhaust them even more.
A clue may be that they often look pale, blood pressure may be greatly reduced and often cannot be normalised with medication.

In many cases, they no longer even go to a doctor on their own, but are brought by someone, and because they expect nothing from the therapy in advance, you can hear them asking, "What would it be good for?"

This state of mind one of the strongest therapy blocks.
I also always ask how the top of the back feels and I am referring to the 7th cervical vertebra.
Many energy pathways run there and it is of utmost importance that this part of the back is also treated with blossom remedies because there is a strong therapy blockage here.
Sometimes it seems they simply have no interest in healing.
The feeling feels like the person is paralysed. The mind says: You have to do something. The body, however, does not cooperate. They often don't get to the doctor on their own: What good would it do?
And also sometimes Bali people who are even harder to spot. Even though they are active, they no longer expect anything from life. They only work out of a sense of duty (Daisy-component), there are also many who can inspire others and drag them along, without being inwardly involved (Queen of the Coasts-component), others even make an outwardly cheerful impression and try to hide their inner emptiness from their surroundings (Knotweed-component)

The difference between the flower remedy Pear and Bali is that with Pear, the SENSE says that nothing more can help and with Bali, their CONSTANT says that nothing more can improve their condition.

Years ago, a psychotherapist came to me because many of his patients had found their way to me and were doing exceptionally well. He also wanted to know if this was really doing anything or if it was all placebo. His mind said such a thing could not be true. In the end, he was doing his job as a psychotherapist and he could help people, that was his profession, but he had his doubts whether what he was doing would work or not...... How glad he was to find out that remedies really did do what they were "supposed" to do. He went through the whole process of flower therapy and I never saw him again.

Report from a client with her consent:
Dear Madeleine,
Once upon a time............

This is how fairy tales begin. That life is not a fairy tale I knew a long time ago, I just struggled to accept this and tried to convince myself otherwise.

Our first meeting is still very clear in my mind. You were the first one who could get through to me completely, who took me seriously and more importantly, who understood what I felt and meant, unlike others who were too close to form an objective picture. Yet we never had a 'professional' relationship. With you, I had such a familiar feeling from the very beginning that I told you things that others still don't know to this day. In other words, you became my guru and guided me towards a decision that proved inescapable for my personal happiness. You let me do this at my own temp and made sure I figured it out 'myself' without pressure in the process.

Now we are four years on and I have taken the step I was so afraid (say panicked) of in the beginning. The last time I visited you, we forgot to make a new appointment. I am a bit lax and before I knew it, the drops were gone. Another new experience, I didn't panic but decided to try how it went without the drops. I turned out to be strong enough to get through the terrible period that followed without drops and you as my safety net. Not for a moment did I forget you. I also called a few times, but then the phone was busy. I know how annoying it is when you have a client and the phone keeps bothering you. Calling in the evening is out of the question for me, I know how busy you are and how precious the time you can spend with your family is. Before you know it, we are then suddenly a few months down the line and we are still alive.

I will visit you again soon as a customer. Finally, we both need the opportunity to end this period on a good note. I think I am far enough along to make room for those who are now standing where I stood four years ago. In any case, I find it a safe and pleasant feeling that should I descend to depths I cannot get out of without help again, I know someone I can turn to.

I close with the words that everything you have done for me cannot be described by any pen. You were there when I needed you most. You have changed a huge number of things and ways of thinking. Life is still not a fairy tale and the prince on the white horse will never come. However, my expectations have changed in such a way that sometimes life without a fairy tale still turns out in a fairy-tale way.
Lots of love,

Bali blossom remedy makes the "paralysing" feeling disappear, your energy return and you regain interest in everyday life.

Madeleine Meuwessen

*Bloom remedies are no substitute for medication. Please note that in case of doubt you should always consult a doctor.

Use of Blossom Remedies

The most important thing with blossom remedies is the frequency of intake. Blossom remedies are best taken as often as possible in a day with the golden guideline being; 4 to 6 times a day, with 4 drops at a time from the dispensing bottle. To use blossom remedies and a user bottle, here are the simple steps; take a clean and unused 30ml pipette bottle. First, fill the pipette bottle with spring water. After this, add one teaspoon of brandy as a preservative, then add the blossom remedies.

Take the stock bottle or stock bottles of the chosen blossom remedies and put 3 drops of each into the 30ml. pipette bottle. A second golden guideline is; 1 drop from the stock bottle(s) to 10ml of spring water. There is no need to shake the bottle before use as it only contains the vibrations of the plants and has no actual material content.

Then take 4 drops from the user bottle and drip it under the tongue. If you touch the dropper with the tongue, mould may develop in the bottle. Repeat taking the blossom remedies at least 4 to 6 times a day.

Flower remedies are not a substitute for medication and do not replace doctors or medical specialists. Please note that in case of doubt you should always consult a doctor.