Madeleine Meuwessen

Mayflower - Plumeria rubra, the new "magic word".......... letting go.

In this blog, I will elaborate on the Mayflower remedy for adults, childrenMayflower and animals and how this remedy really can and will change your life.

I will also explain some real-life examples based on this.

It seems that in recent years we have made "letting go" into a kind of religion.

I did some surfing on the net and come across many cries, such as:
Letting go in four steps? The more you let go the more that comes to you? Thinking positively? Embrace the opposite and therein lies the redemption. Breathe in, breathe out, let it all go. Letting go as the most important skill for these times.

Make no mistake, Meibloem people have engaging personalities.
They are often overly kind and loving, helpful, have a pronounced sense of family, touchingly concerned for their relatives, work is never too much for them, in their helpfulness their own needs often come second and can really sacrifice for others.
Then you'd really think....what's wrong with that?

However, what you notice in the negative state of mind is, these people are unable to be alone. Because of their helpfulness, they bind others to themselves, the concern for others is actually pure self-love ( oops, that's intense anyway), they don't help others out of altruistic motives, but demand gratitude from them. They force their benefits on others outright and are easily offended if their help is rejected. They try to make others dependent on them with seemingly well-meaning advice, but when this is rejected, the crocodile tears come. A moral pressure develops. They develop guilt in others and use emotional blackmail in the process. They interfere in others' affairs, diplomatic exercise of power, exploit dependency relationships, to dominate others.

Of course, it does not have to be as intense as I have described above, but many of us will recognise something in it. And every living being simply has all the emotions inside and can make themselves known at a certain period of your life.

Children of Meibloem parents quickly suffer from guilt. The look a parent can give a child may already be responsible for this.

An old saying from the past: I can see by your forehead, that you are joking, because there is a line on your forehead (the older ones among us may remember it). This too easily generates a sense of guilt despite the child having done nothing.
Also, the children of Meibloem parents are "prone" to asthma i.e. they get no air-I mean no freedom.
Also, they often marry - if at all - very late and they find it very difficult to leave the parental home

A lady came into the practice once and she tells me a story of the cake that didn't have a note in it and how she reacted to the granddaughter from America not sending a note.
What transpired:
She was furious with her daughter and granddaughter and when they came back...well, they got it. Why: When the daughter went on holiday, her habit was to bake a cake for her friends and her mother. In her friends' cake, she hid a sweet note. One of the friends called the mother to tell her how much she liked it that her daughter had put such a nice note in the cake. The mother, my client, became furious and felt so hugely deprived that she none and her friends did have a note in the cake. Well, she would love it. Was that thanks for the years of loving upbringing she had given her daughter....and that now girlfriends were more important than she was....and from her granddaughter, not even a card had come.

Often these feelings are related to a tremendous fear of being alone or being left alone. This often stems from a feeling of never having been wanted and loved. Often these people involve a loveless childhood.
And even an experienced trauma like a caesarean section can be responsible for this. As a result, they are always in need of recognition, empathy, self-affirmation. And they flee from themselves into the other person. In the process, their own identity is projected onto the other person. They make others dependent on them, because they themselves are dependent on that dependence (difficult sense), otherwise life appears meaningless to them. Because the inner process of detachment from the environment as a prerequisite for finding one's own personality and therefore one's own self does not take place - without therapeutic help and/or blossom remedies - the resolution of the conflict must mostly come from the environment.

A woman also came into the practice once, who was angry. She had a big business with her husband, her daughter and son-in-law worked in the business. The daughter had a 2-year-old child. The daughter suffered from terrible acne. The mother "went" on the drops to get rid of her anger. Over time, her daughter and her husband were also "allowed" to go on the drops. And gradually the family structure became clear. The mother determined everything in the company. On one occasion, she had to cancel her appointment because she was to undergo laser treatment to have the huge wrinkles around her mouth removed. The mother went to a cottage after the treatment because she did not want her bed or her pillows to get dirty from any moisture that might come after the laser treatment????????
At one point, the daughter was with me and she told me that she could now also have laser treatment (was very expensive according to the daughter) if only she would again allow the mother to bathe with her little daughter in the evening instead of herself and if she did not like that, the laser treatment would not go ahead.
The father also joined the practice. He suffered most from feelings of inferiority. He was doing a little better after a short while. Until his wife came to me again, furious, saying that she had found sex books of his in a secret place.
Well, I have to tell you...I find these things quite complicated. The mother did not come back to me after her tantrum with her husband and the husband and daughter were not allowed to come to me by her.
How it went on, I don't know, but this has always stayed in my mind.

Mayflower parents are considered very good parents by outsiders because they do so much with their children. They smother their children in the over-sheltered parental home. They are often parents who are very strict with their children on the grounds that they are responsible for their children and must be strict to keep them from any harm. In fact, it is just a justification for their exercise of power. They also believe that they have done everything for their children and should expect something in return from their children.

The blossom remedy Mayflower lets you grow up the other person in love and protection, and when the time comes, you are able to truly let go and let the other person go to follow their own path. Gives real love without conditions. The most essential thing is to let go of each other in love.

Mayflower children devise tricks to elicit pity when they don't get their way, and they can cry incredibly compulsively and try to elicit pity with tears.
They threaten playmates with the famous:" I'm not your boyfriend anymore, if you don't play with me now"
Or they react with reproaches, that they never get what they want etc. Or that the siblings get everything and they never do.
They cannot handle criticism and immediately react insulted
And if well-meaning parents cannot muster the strength to stand up to this, they become real tyrants

42 Years ago, when I moved in with my current husband, he brought his dog with him. I had never owned a dog before. It was a Basset hound. He was raised by my mother-in-law, who worked 6 days a week and the dog stayed in the business above the house. Of course, he was taken out a few times a day. He was looked after very well. The moment Humphfrey came to live with me, it became one drama. My husband was not allowed in our bed. Then he would stand in front of my husband threateningly with his lip raised. My husband was no longer allowed in the kitchen. He jumped on the sofa, looked at me, and started peeing on the sofa, very proudly, looking at me in the process. He ruled the whole house. It got so bad, we had to put Humphfrey to sleep because he was then, in our eyes, becoming so dangerous.
Now I know better. Back then, I knew very little about remedies....yet.

In a previous blog, I described the flower remedy Aster.
The difference between Aster and Mayflower ( though sometimes very similar) is that Aster is a more unconscious behaviour than Mayflower.


Madeleine Meuwessen

Use of Blossom Remedies

The most important thing with blossom remedies is the frequency of intake. Blossom remedies are best taken as often as possible in a day with the golden guideline being; 4 to 6 times a day, with 4 drops at a time from the dispensing bottle. To use blossom remedies and a user bottle, here are the simple steps; take a clean and unused 30ml pipette bottle. First, fill the pipette bottle with spring water. After this, add one teaspoon of brandy as a preservative, then add the blossom remedies.

Take the stock bottle or stock bottles of the chosen blossom remedies and put 3 drops of each into the 30ml. pipette bottle. A second golden guideline is; 1 drop from the stock bottle(s) to 10ml of spring water. There is no need to shake the bottle before use as it only contains the vibrations of the plants and has no actual material content.

Then take 4 drops from the user bottle and drip it under the tongue. If you touch the dropper with the tongue, mould may develop in the bottle. Repeat taking the blossom remedies at least 4 to 6 times a day.

Flower remedies are not a substitute for medication and do not replace doctors or medical specialists. Please note that in case of doubt you should always consult a doctor.